Sunday, April 16, 2006

I'm Talkin To You

Is it alright if I say T.I. is lookin ultra fine in this picture? (Not mine, straight jacked from Young Black and Fabulous)
I was listening to his album today, (you too can listen to King if you click the link on the sidebar) and I've gotta say, I'm impressed with the kid. The only song I skip is the one with Jamie Foxx, don't ask me why but I hate that shit. I have a few favorites though, I'm Talkin To You, Front Back, What You Know, Why You Wanna, Stand Up Guy...Ok if I keep going I'll name the whole album. It's a really good album and it's making me want to go back and listen to Urban Legend. No, I never listened to the whole album.
Notice, I never got around to that short hiatus I was talking about. Everytime I wanted to, something new popped up. I was on vaca, then Proof died, then I had to link to Technorati, then I had to freakin cough up the alternate ending so Moni (and the crowd of angry villagers) could get off my back.
Not much doing today, gonna pin my hair up, put on a cute skirt and go outside. I'm bored as blue fuck and there's no reason to spend the day in the house, feel me?
Happy Easter bitches.


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