Wednesday, October 19, 2005

...Ain't Gold (Part Two)

Nicole didn't think of herself as an ordinary female.
As a matter of fact, she thought very highly of herself, which was why she couldn't understand why she was still alone. Life seemed to pass her by and she had that sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach that she would be be in a rocking chair, knitting, with a blanket over her knees surrounded by 89 cats by the time her life ended.
She didn't get it. She was beautiful, multi-talented, driven, single, intelligent; every thing modern men claimed they wanted. She was a college graduate, a SINC really, with her own home and her own car. Everything she had, she got on her own. Except the man of her dreams, the love of her life. Nicole was a hopeless romantic. She wanted someone to sweep her off her feet, make her feel like no one ever had before. So why couldn't she get that?
"Cuz you're intimidating, mi amor," her best friend Chuchi would say. "You know these niggas can't handle a woman that got more than they do. And look where we live? Ain't no shiny suit businessmen around here. Unless you wanna F*^# wit un blanco."
Nicole had to laugh. Chuchi was right. The only eligible bachelors in her area were in the of the Causcasion persuasion."
But what's wrong with me, Chooch? I have everything I want and no man. I don't want to be like Martha Stewart." She flopped down on her suede couch. "Or Oprah."
Chuchi looked at her like she was crazy.
"Oprah got Stedman."
Nicole looked at her with a raised eyebrow. Chuchi burst out laughing.

"Nicole, you've got a call on line one."
"Thank you, put it through." Nicole leaned back in her chair and put her feet up on the desk.
"Good morning, Ms. Simmons. This is Grant Macon, we spoke on the phone the other day regarding the catering for my wife's birthday party? I just wanted to know how that was coming along."
"Mr. Macon, it's very good to hear from you." Nicole flipped open the binder on her desk and pulled out his folder. "You requested Package three, correct?"
"Yes I did. Only the best for my Pumpkin."
Lucky B*!@%, Nikki thought. "All the orders have been placed, all the supplies will be ready on Friday morning. Now the party is Sunday evening, so my team will spend Saturday preparing the space. The food will not be prepared until Sunday, as that will take away from quality and freshness. I have the menu here, lets be sure, you chose the Southern comfort, correct?"
"Yes ma'am. Well, it looks like you have everything under control. I must say Ms. Simmons, I am extremely impressed. I will definitely have to recommend you to my colleagues."
Nicole beamed, rubbing her fingernails on her blouse and staring at them. She knew she was a master at what she did. Pulling together an event for over one hundred people was a piece of cake to her. She could do it in her sleep.
"Let's just hope everything goes smoothly on Sunday."
"I'm sure it will. I guess that's it for me, I just wanted to check in on the particulars and make sure all was well.""
You call as many times as you like Mr. Macon. I'm here for you."
"Thank you very much. I'll see you this weekend."
"Okay then. Bye now."
Nicole hung up the phone. If this party went as well as she planned it to, she would make over four grand this weekend. She was paid and made. Now if she could only get laid...

Copyright © 2005 Jacki Simmons
All rights reserved


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