Monday, January 09, 2006

Psycho's and The Women Who Love Them

I like my town with a little bit of poison. In case you don't watch movies 50-11 times like I do, that's from Shrek 2. I like my men with a little bit of poison too.
This thought came about shortly after yet another all night conversation with Batman. My brother woke me up last night and I couldn't get back to sleep so I got online and lo and behold, guess who was still up. That was two in the morning and we didn't get off the phone until half past six. What could you have possibly been talking about? Everything under the sun, honey.
Anyway, we got back to talking about writing, as we always do. He is finished writing, I'm happy to say, and is eagerly awaiting the start of his next book, an urban erotic novel. I'm not too keen on that idea, as I have never read any good erotica, but since he does everything else so well I'm going to assume this will not disappoint.
He's thinking of giving the book a psyhco twist. I would absolutely love that. There is nothing more amazing than unlocking a criminal mind and if he can pen a novel that encompases a little of everything, more power to him. We digressed hard here, going into about ten other topics.
He is drawing inspiration from the best seller and major motion picture American Psycho. Now I asked the wrong people (black folks) about this movie and it got less than stellar reveiws. But hearing him talk about it is one of the reasons why it's on my top ten list right now. I read the excerpt on and was blown away. Just four pages and I was drooling.
Sidebar: Please don't bring my mother's antisocial psychotic psycopath with pyromaniac tendencies diagnosis into this. I am not a psycho. I'm not crazy. I'm just creative. I still can't believe she said that about me. It's so not true.
Anyway, I would love to take a day off and go to work with an FBI profiler. Put some of that psychology class I took last year to good use. I'm not saying I condone what they do, I'm just saying what's inside that mind has got to be some deep, dark shit. I was so in love with the mind in Silence of the Lambs. I'm not down with the people eating but what was going on in his head really did turn me.
This week's light bootcamp exercise is to start of the new book. Can I do it? Yo no se. I'll be up watching Se7en and From Hell and Silence of the Lambs and all the bloody serial killer movies I can find trying to get ready for this. If I had Saw handy I'd pop that in. I'm going over a friends house tomorrow and I'll watch it there. I've been dying to see it since I first saw the trailer. I'm quite sure Bats will be glued to the screen for inspiration.


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