Wednesday, January 04, 2006

When In Rome...Let Them Eat Cake!!

After watching The Terminal last night it dawned on me how much travelling I need to do before I kick the bucket. I've been places, yes, but I really want to go somewhere. I've got my destinations pretty much mapped out by way of attraction:
Paris: I'm going to see the Eiffel Tower on my honeymoon. That's one of the dreams I've always had and it's one of those nonegotiable things you know? And then if he wants to go swim with dolphins he can knock himself out, feel me?
London: I've always wanted to see Trafalgar Square just for myself. I love that word! Trafalgar. And then there's Big Ben, and the London Bridge. Makes for very good talk around the family reunion table.
Seattle: I like the Space Needle and I really want to know if it rains as much as they say it does.
Venice: One word: gondola. I can't swim worth a damn but I would love a ride in one of those boats, man. Oh, and while I'm in Italy, I can visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
St. Tropez: Just to say I went.
Curacao: Love the way that word is pronounced, and its part of one of my favorite cocktails. Also just to say I went.
Rome: Want to visit the Pantheon and the Coliseum. You see them on the TV and you know it's just not quite translating right.
Jamaica: Seeing as I know not very much more about my own culture than what the media display's, I'm sure there is no better place to start than at the source. And a little Island Rum never hurt anyone.
Panama: See Jamaica.
So that's my neat little sight seeing list. Of course it will grow as time goes on and as my fear of going to certain places resides. Notice, the Motherland is not on that list. I have no desire to be anywhere near Africa until the civil unrest calms down. I don't think that trip is worth a bullet in the ass. Ain't no Hotel Rwanda shit going on while I'm out there, ya hear?

I was discussng trips with my travel agent, Johnnie Walker Red, and we came to a soon as I start getting money the way I want to, I'm going to take a trip a year until I've covered all the interesting places in the world. There's so many things to do and so many places to go, you know? And I wanna see em all.


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