Thursday, January 05, 2006

Insomniac Theatre

Yeah so I was supposed to be in bed by ten. I was going to get up from my napp, watch ome of the Rose Bowl and hit the sack. As you can see that didn't quite happen. It was the Rose Bowl, then In Good Company, then Batman and here I am at 2:16. Still awake.
Has anyone seen Life Is Beautiful besides me? Or am I the only person that watches foreign films? I can't be the only person who can read subtitles and watch a movie at the same time. Please don't tell me that.
I got caught up earlier watching A Perfect Murder and Figure Skating. I took that nap before and woke up feeling good. It was one of those itis naps, you feel me? I didn't get to sleep until six thirty this morning, then I had to get up at ten to pick up baby bro from school. He ran into some kid (again) and busted up his face (again). You know I was pissed. It was one of those good deep sleeps too, you know, when you've found that cozy spot in the bed and the warmth is just right and you're not dreaming or anything, you're jsut laying there knocked out? Yes. That was it. And then my Latin ringtone goes off at level 5 (because I'm sure by now you all know I'm going deaf) and jars me out of it. I was silently hoping it was a friend calling to say hey! Come on out this weekend. Had it been that, I could say let me call you back. But no. Of course not. No such luck.
Sidebar: Does anyone else go commando on a regular basis? I did today as I usually do when I don't have anywhere important to be. It's so much more comfortable, you know? Usually I wear boyshorts and thongs but that's only if I'm going somewhere where undies are necessary. But getting on and off the train, walking a block and standing doesn't seem to give me a reason to wear perfectly good panties.
So that was my day in a nutshell.


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