Tuesday, April 18, 2006

You Know It's Hard Out Here For A...

You know something, you may not be able to count on a hustla for a damn thing. But you sho nuff can count on them niggas for one thing: to be at work.
It's a guarantee that you can find a hustla on the block all hours of the day. You wanna know where they are? Just go where they be. Which is exactly why I am no longer trippin about not knowin where the hell this nigga is. He's where he always is and I can count on that. I wanna see him, all I need to do is take my ass down the hill. But only a desperate bitch is gonna be all up under a nigga when he's working so...I won't be doing all that. I've found other ways to pass my time.
I've been visiting Fresh on a daily basis, getting in a good laugh. That chick is crazy and the way she gets on these celebs is hysterical. Good laughs every damn day. What's better? If you enjoy that site, enjoy Inciting A Riot.
Also been getting in touch with my inner Diplomat. Don't ask me why but I've been bumping that old ass More Than Music mixtape for the past two days.
Been harrassing my publishing company for the past few days trying to get my head right and get my info all together. They don't call as often as my previous publisher did, but then again they are also a lot more busy. With his company, there was just him and me. Then I left and he was back to just him. He did take care of me and teach me a lot of things about the game before we parted ways though so I (goddamn I love this song! Camron on Somebody Gotta Die Tonight) have to give him a shoutout.
Speaking of shoutouts I was wondering aloud today what my acknowledgement page is going to look like when my book comes out. I was laughing to myself like I'm not gonna put "if I've forgotten you, you're still in my prayers." I was gonna say "if I've forgotten you, there's a reason." *Laughing* Evil, I know. It's hard for me to show I care, since I don't. If I haven't seen you in enough time to remember your name then you can't possibly be that important.
Finally got around to that Pink Floyd album, The Wall. Now I plan on actually listening to it.
I was playing Juelz Santana like there's no tomorrow. He ain't no Jim Jones but he's an aight nigga. I know everybody gets on DipSet because of them candy cane raps they be spittin but I know each and everyone of you is a damn liar if you say you weren't gettin down everytime you heard "Oh Boy."
Listen to T.I.'s new album, KING. If you're into the southern thing, knock yourself out. I'm not, but since T.I. is one of the only two (Ludacris) southern rappers I respect, I have to support his lil skinny lightskinned ass.
I'm glad my readers enjoyed the revised edition of Ain't Gold. I hated it. I hated writing it. It wasn't what I wanted for the story but I kind of caught the feeling that you weren't going to let me leave it be. Just so you know, when its transformed into novel form, I will be using the ORIGINAL ending, not none of that mushy lovey dovey shit.
Oh and your nominations for Nigga of the Year are due. Whether it be K-Fed for having Child Welfare visit his home (aka BCW to us black folks), to having Kanye West star in his own movie and demand that the Bible be rewritten to include him, to my man Juvenile getting arressted AGAIN...you let me know and we'll tally up the votes and have a big ole party the night before the '06 recap. Something is telling me that K-Fed is going to win by a landslide...


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