Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Miscellaneous Thoughts

I felt the need to add the Bush Out of Office Countdown. I thought it was absolutely hysterical and the moment I saw it, I knew I wasn't alone in this world. They have got to get that man out of office. This country never has been in tip-top shape, but wow, I didn't think it could get any worse. But enough of the political stuff.

I just played the funniest game today.

It's a wonder that George Lopez hasn't been cancelled while My Wife and Kids has. In my humble opinion, MWAK was a much better show.

My tattoo parlor flooded out with the large volume of rain we received in New York over the last week. So now I have to wait. I was aiming for this week so I could wear skirts and shorts for a few more days while it healed. I hate getting tattooed in the winter.

That Chocolate Math Game worked, didn't it? I didn't think that up. I can barely count with fingers involved.

I have a new fan. Isn't that something?

I'm watching The Untouchables for the tenth time this week. I seem to be addicted to it lately. I get like that sometimes, where I go for weeks at a time watching the same thing.

I was going to change the music in my Guestbook, thinking about Talkin About by Amerie. But that Jim Jones cut is so addictive. I love the beat on that. My girl Shonna (I haven't heard from her in a hot minute, if you're reading this, my number hasn't changed, call me girl) has the only crush on him. I stopped rolling with the DipSet crew after Cam made it cool for men to wear pink. WTF?

I loved Spawn. It was so corny but that cape thing was the best.

Everyone is talking about the New Jack City Special Edition DVD. Am I late? Again? "Sit yo five dolla ass down before I make change" is the best line Wesley Snipes ever had.

I saw Scarface this weekend. I must say, I was quite disappointed. I don't say that out loud in public because I don't want to be shot, but I must say, I've seen better. I mean, it was okay, but it didn't really move me much.

My favorite song out right now is Unbreakable by Alicia Keys.
My second favorite is Rock-A-Bye by Black Buddafly.
My third favorite is Stay by Ne-Yo. That song is somethin else.
I don't know how long those links will be available, so get em while they're hot.

I'm in a good mood today.


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