Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Can You Hear Me Now? Good

I've had my phone for all of what, three weeks now? The popular question is what's your ringtone? Does it really matter?
I've found that is does. Your ringtone says a lot about you, apparently. Vibrate means you're busy and you're a professional. Simple it-comes-with-the-phone tones say you have no flavor. And the ever popular Jamsters say hey, I've got way too much time on my hands.
My mom works in a daycare center and my father works for JP Morgan Chase. Both of them have to be in a professional environment with their bosses constantly hanging over their shoulders. They have no time to be silencing a loud ringtone all day. Vibrate is a silent reminder that there is a phone on your hip.
My ringtone comes from my phone. (I've got Cingular service. Ya'll know the Latin ringtone? The one that sounds like an old Ricky Martin cut? That one.) That's all I need. It's loud enough so that I can hear it when I'm in the street and its catchy enough not to annoy anyone when it rings.
Jamster has become my new enemy. They have enabled millions of cell users to get the latest songs on their phones and harrass the rest of us with them. Who wants to be sitting in a job interview and hear "...girl, shake that Laffy Taffy..." in front of their potential boss? Furthermore who wants to hear it at all? What happened to the days of simplicity? This new stuff is foolishness. I just want the bad boy to get me my calls. I don't need nine hundred and fifty different ringtones.
Notice, none of this crap is on the house phone.


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