Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Strike One

So the MTA went on strike this morning.
How f*cking wonderful. Instead of hopping on the early 1 line, I was sitting in my living room wondering how long I was going to be stranded uptown. I live damn near a hundred and forty blocks from my job and walking was not an option this morning. Tomorrow, I'll be strapping on my kicks and getting comfy with the pavement. I can't afford to miss a pay day. Mama's gotta make that paper.
I find this the most selfish move ever made. Literally millions of people forced to deviate from the norm because ya'll want a little more money in the bank? Please! What abou the rest of us? Those of us who get fired if we don't show up? So once again, the straphangers get the short end of the stick. The same as last year when they raised the fares. Bullsh*t. They have a 900 million dollar surplus and they can't pay the damn people? Get the hell out of here.
What's more, is that they're acting like they're the only people who have to deal with crap at their jobs. You don't see the people at McDonald's wildin out and they take more crap than anyone. I'm sick of living here sometimes, I swear.
This is exactly why I need a car.


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