Monday, December 19, 2005

Raindrops On Roses

This was fun. The other night Batman (in an attempt to fry my synapses) and I shot back and forth a few of our favorite things. Now that I've had time to sit down and compile a list, I'm going to share it with you lovely people.
favorite food: pizza and shrimp
favorite teachers: Mr. Johnson (fifth grade. He taught us how to make gingerbread houses and balance checkbooks. He was freakin awesome.)

favorite board games: Life, Monopoly, Clue
favorite movie: The Usual Suspects
favorite TV series: Will and Grace (or Ned and Stacey, I loved that show.)
favorite cartoon: Josie and the Pussycats back in the day, now its Family Guy...

favorite perfume: the purple Curve (I forgot the name, I just know it smells dope)
favorite song: Bill Withers, "Lovely Day"
favorite color: red
favorite book: The Phantom Tollbooth

favorite season: winter
favorite flavor of ice cream: vanilla
favorite soda: Coke
favorite drink: surprisngly, its not Johnnie Walker. It's actually Hpnotiq. Funny huh?
favorite flower: tiger lily
favorite animal: the Hyacinth (also what I want to name my daughter, I love that name)
favorite actor/tress: Kevin Spacey/Julia Roberts
favorite musical: Chicago
favorite city: Paris
favorite car: *sigh* an off white Cadillac CTS (my dream. when I'm parking that baby in front of my brownstone and opening the door to my brownstone, I know I'll have made it)
favorite shoes: well, a lady should have three men in her life, her husband, her boyfriend and her lover. (Manolo Blahnik, Salvatore Ferragamo and Jimmy Choo, respectively)
favorite pastime: reading (I can go through books like a sick man goes through Kleenex)
favorite weather: rain. or snow. Whichever is heavier.
favorite movie genre: murder mystery. That goes for books too, as a matter of fact.
That's all I can think of at the moment. I need to hurry up and get my post game together because I'm supposed to be throwing a hundredth post party of New Year's Eve. That means I'll need to double up. Wish me luck. Wink.


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