Saturday, December 10, 2005

Let's Be Real

I know I've been slacking with the Let's Be Real posts. I missed a week. But I'm more than sure that this weeks post should more than make up for it.
@ Randall, I understand you are an officer of the law. But the following is how I feel.

Today's Topic: Suicide by Cop Or Murder?
If you live in New York, the name Ousmane Zongo rings one hell of a bell. An African immigrant murdered after a heated confrontation with police in a warehouse on May 23, 2003. As of yesterday, ex-cop Brian Conroy is found not guilty. Sound familiar?
Hmm. Let's jog that memory.
In February 1999, four New York City policemen searching for a rape suspect knocked on Amadou Diallo's door to question him. When he came to the door he reached inside his jacket, at which point the officers shot at him 41 times, hitting him with 19 bullets. The object Diallo was reaching for turned out to be his wallet.
But wait, there's more...
In 1997, Abner Louima was brutalized by four police officers with a broomstick. Volpe was imprisoned, the others were not. When is this tidal wave of unneccessary violence against our black men going to end? The list could go on for days.
Flip side of the game: When police officers are murdered in the line of duty, they are given full twenty one gun salutes, decorations, promotions, and are labeled heroes. My personal views? No police officer is a hero. After years of seeing how my people are treated in the neighborhood I live in, I am convinced that if you want to see a dirty cop, look in any precinct in New York.
Officer Dillon Stewart was killed recently after a bullet missed his Kevlar and entered his shoulder, hitting an artery and killing him. The loss must be devastating for his wife and young child I'm sure. But I cannot say I'm sorry. What you hear on the news is just what they report. Everyone knows someone who has been killed by a cop. Those men are cowards and murderers in a uniform. When they shoot to kill, its usually a misunderstanding, an accident or my personal favorite, suicide by cop. Hero? Please. Give me a break.
All this shoot 'em um garbage is a cover for something that happened not fifty years ago: lynching. Bullets are now the ropes that hung strange fruit from the sycamore trees. They are picking our men off like flies and there is nothing being doen about it. Why are gay marriges getting more covergae than police brutality? Goes to show how messed up this country really is. Where are the Cheerleader and Spokesperson for the Oppressed Black Man? Oh, my bad. Sharpton is running around trying to support the TWU so they won't go on strike. Does it matter? He's got people driving his ass back and forth to his events. Oooh, black people make me sick. Jesse is MIA as usual.
I'm about to go rant and rave to my girlfriends because this is just ridiculous. Feel free to hit me up with opinions, which will be posted next week.


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