Friday, December 02, 2005

Got Me Lookin So Crazy Right

This post is especially for you, Bats.
I feel the need to explain what I meant the other day when I said "I don't like Beyonce." Truth be told, I have not always been a Beyonce fan. I really didn't start liking her up until her Dangerously In Love album dropped. In my humble opinion she does much better as a solo artist than she does with her backup singers, Kelly and Michelle. Face it, the eyes have always been on her. Every photo shoot, every concert, every public appearance. The girl was born to be a star and I think Destiny's Child is only the beginning of what is going to be a long and illustrious carreer.
People love her. She's a great dancer, an okay singer and she's gorgeous; the camera loves her. But I do think there is a point when someone becomes overexposed. I don't think I can go two days without seeing her face plastered everywhere. Not just the television but newspapers, magazines and billboards. Her songs are all over the place and everyone is singing her music when they walk down the street.
Now I don't hate on her. At a young age she has done more than some people do in a lifetime. She's starred in three movies and is currently filming two others, won an ASCAP, a Black Reel and five Grammy's and has a bevy of nominations under her belt. She's doing her thing. I respect her and congratulate her for that.
I will say this: She ain't exactly Alicia Keys. ;)


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