Monday, November 28, 2005

Back On The Grind

I want to go home.
It's been real, it's been fun, but I want to go home and be back in my natural habitat. This is why vacations never work for me. I miss home too much. Home is actually an hour long train ride away. I'm in the same city, just a different town. But Long island is a whole nother world.
I just came back from a 7 Eleven run. Those places are like Starbucks out here. One every four blocks. Anyway, people were saying all these foreign things; phrases I didn't recognize. Please, thank you, good morning. Who are these people and what have you done with my rude New Yorkers? Not one person has bumped into me or given me a cruel glance since I've been here. What is wrong with you people?
Laughing. Let me stop. I'm on AIM today, will be til I get home around this afternoon. I hate AIM. The people on that buddy list (save for a few) are so boring compared to the people on the Yahoo list. This is how I am sure I have reached the peak of my insanity. I'm sitting here comparing buddy lists.
I'm dying not being able to write. I need to get back home to my computer because I have so muc work to do. I'm not going to move for the next few days. I have to get these chapters out and done before the summer. I have plans for this summer, which I will not discuss.
(Please excuse the typos. I'm still waking up. I'm not used to seeing the sun.)
Shockingly, I went to bed early last night. Sometime around midnight. I was lsitening to some CDs before I drifted off; The Eminem Show, Red Star Sounds and Natalie Imbruglia (ya'll don't know about that :). I woke back up when Sister turned on the TV to watch the previously TiVo'd episode of Desperate Housewives. Whew man they had me this week. Well, they have me every week but it is just getting more and more wild. (Mo, I know you saw it so there will be an in-depth discussion as soon as I get back.)
I am really feeling this laptop. I'm thinking about getting one.
Yet another on time moodswing.
Being that yesterday was Sunday and I was in the house relaxing, a friend of mine asked me why I don't go to church. I couldn't answer her directly as I had burst out laughing. So that will be a post for later on this evening, since I'm sure you're all wondering. He's not the first person to have asked. When I'm safe and sound in my PJ's with a JW, I'll post the Top Ten Reasons Why I Don't Go To Church. Please do not confuse this with me not believing in God. Me and my sister had a huge argument over that. I'm not an atheist. I think its agnostic and if I'm wrong, feel free to correct.
I smell my breakfast. I'll be back.


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