Thursday, November 24, 2005

Something Else Used To Be Here But I Won't Say What...

Made it to my brother's place about an hour ago, just chilling for now. He took his wife and her best friend to go see Rent. (If you hurry you can catch them Mo.) I couldn't sit through the soundtrack of the play so I know the movie will be less than entertaining. Everytime I convince myself I should see it I keep thinking of that one scene in Team America World Police. They go see this play called "Lease" and the cast is singing this song called "Everyone Has AIDS." It sounds dead wrong but watch it and I promise you'll be falling out. If not you have a warped sense of humor and you bore me. Navigate away from this page and do not return.
Tomorrow we go up to the Big House for dinner. (AKA his wife's parents place.) I baked a couple pies to take up there. I made pumpkin this year instead of sweet potato. They gets down round here so I know there will be no shortage of food.
The train ride out was pure hell, that's for sure. White folks get buck wild when it comes time to go somewhere. "Oh my God John! That's the train! Let me try and knock as many people out of the way as possible as I try and run with two suitcases and kitten heels because Lord knows this is the very last train ever!" Jeez. It kills me. And they say niggas are always late. *Insert eye roll here* Let me stop fronting like I didn't have to run the for the train :). It was literally just about to pull off as I flew down the steps like a madwoman, coat in one arm, suitcase in the other. (Yes, babygirl did bring a suitcase on a four day trip. Why? I never wear the same outfit twice in a week so why do it on a weekend?)
I was going to pack everything in my Betty Boop overnight bag and realized it wouldn't all fit. I brought two pairs of boots and the sneakers on my feet so there was going to be at least two pair of shoes in the case at any given time. I packed three pair of jeans, shirts, socks and panties. I rolled them up like my mama showed me back in the day and it all fit. Okay, this laptop battery is about to die. Let me finish this in a minute.
And we're back.
It took about fifty minutes to get out and then my bro drove me to his place in the car. He doesn't have his license yet but he drives anyway. Apparently there is no such thing as DWB out here. If it were Harlem he'd have been in the back of the paddywagon singing Akon like there's no tomorrow. He takes his road test in December and its like he already passed. He's driving like an old pro. I'm proud of him and jealous as hell at the same time. I can't freaking wait until I start driving. I'll be nowhere to be found, just hours in the car for no reason.
Some dude tried to pick me up in Foot Locker last night. He really must have thought he was putting the moves on too. I left with a VIP card and an invitation to come back soon. I highly doubt that. I go into a sneaker store with an alias and a scarf on. I would hate to be caught dead shopping for kicks. If you can't tell already I am not a sneaker person. If its not a shoe I really can't be bothered. I needed a pair to go with my red sweatsuit. (Question: If its velour, its still a sweatsuit right?)
Tomorrow I think I'm going to wear a cashmere sweater, jeans and black heels. Or the brown suede. Hmm. Decisions, decisions. I need to flat iron my hair. I washed it this morning, and sprayed it down with some Pantene. I looked like a poodle after it dried so I wet wrapped it and let it air dry on the way to the train station. WTF? Why am I rambling?
Anyway's, tomorrow's usual Let's Be Real post may be delayed until Monday. I'm going to be getting my eat on. To everyone who hits me up on a regualr, I'm not sitting here naming names, have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving; Prage, you owe me a shot, you know what I'm talking about, Maritza, I'll be picking up my shoes on Monday, Monica, enjoy yourself and get your grub on chick ;). Happy early birthday Vita, happy belated birthday Carisma, think about answering your goddamn phone, son. And to Batman, don't worry baby. You got this. Just put it down like you always do. Relax, let it rock. It'll come to you. You've come too far to let it stop you now. We're almost there. Break a leg. xoxo
(Sidebar: Jose Cuervo is my new boyfriend. Sssh, don't tell Johnnie I'm cheating on him.)


Anonymous Maritza said...

you do love me ho! yeah Big Mama said tell you Happy Thanksgiving too. you know i had to check you out cuz you be cuttin a fool on this blog. anyway call me aight?

5:35 PM  

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