Sunday, November 27, 2005

Post Holiday Post

I want to see how many idiots are going to email me and say hey there's a typo in your heading. I'm smiling already thinking about it.
How was your holiday weekend? I don't want to discuss mine, but thank you for asking. All I know is that I'm going to need a few weeks worth of serios cardio after this. Wow. I only had a couple of plates but Lord have mercy, those leftovers will get you.

I'm tired. Exhausted, really. I haven't gotten much sleep out here, mainly because it is waaay too quiet. I've found that living in the city so long has made me borderline crazy. I got upat four in the morning to the sound of silence and couldn't take it. I had to put my headphones on to drown out the sounds of nothing. No crickets, no nothing. It was killing me. No firetrucks, no gunshots, its kind of sad really. Now I see why people are moving out to the suburbs in droves. Not that I would follow them, but still, I understand.
The most embarassing part was getting out of my sisters car (my sister-in-law but that's a mouthful to write so when I'm writing I'm usually referring to either she or Nylazia, use those little clues to figure it out) and I was gawking at the sky in pure shock. Those sparkly white things. Like little white dots against the sky. What were they? Oh stars? You mean those are stars? Seriously. Its been literally years since I've seen stars, let alone whole constellations. Round my way, the most we see is the North star or the Moon past the huge complex across the street.
I spent the majoirty of last night outlining the book. I'm not discussing it except with necessary parties. I'm going to be going under the radar for the next couple of weeks. I'm starting school in a little while so as soon as I get home in the evenings I'll be right back on it. I outlined while watching every musical my brother owns; Chicago (one of my all time favorites, and yes I know every song by heart), Phantom of the Opera (another one of my favorites and yes I know most of the songs by heart), Grease (please don't ask. And don't hate either), Moulin Rouge (actually got me through about an hour of outlining, love that movie, working on learning the songs) and Willy Wonka (greatest movie of all time and yes I know all the words). I didnt get to sleep until somewhere around six. By the time I looked up from the paper, time had flown by, the sun had risen and the book was outlined. I must say if I pull this off its going to be quite interesting when its done.
No, no hints. Forget it.
Got in my fill of video games, that's for sure. I've been playing Halo 2 all weekend. Besides Tiger Woods golfing I don't really like anything else. Mario maybe. And Crash. But other than that I stick to the basics. If one person hits me talking about some aww, bonding, I swear to God I will find you and make you beg for mercy before the end.
(@ Monica, I am so not a Scrooge. I'm a realist. Why lie? Look here baby. Santa didn't buy a got damn thing under this here tree so let's just put that little myth to bed why don't we? And don't worry. We won't be doing the playground fight thing. I have no problem kicking a child's ass.)
I've been out of touch for the past few days seeing that my brother has no Yahoo Messenger. Nobody important uses AIM. I hate AOL. It sucks and the perks of Yahoo just aren't there, I find. The stealth settings have become m best friend over the past few months. Oh, I can let you see me but you and you can't. Dope. Very dope. Cuts down on the amount of time I have to spend bullshitting.
Them: Hi
Me: Hi
Them: How are you
Me: I'm fine. You?
After a fifteen minute pause....
Them: I'm good. What are you doing?
At that point I usually say I'm busy writing/making dinner/about to go for a jog/flat ironing my hair I don't know, anything. I have to get creative. I hate it when people hit me on IM to talk about nothing. I make it perfectly clear when I meet folks that I'm not a people person so why do people keep trying to change my f*cking mind? Its like seriously folks. Its not ever going to happen. Just let it go. Really. Its okay. I don't mind being like this.
I've been seriously looking into mood stabilizers. This whole fluctuation thing is getting out of hand. I'm used to it but aprently the people around me have informed me that they walk on eggshells around me to avoid setting me off. (If you've ever read a book entitled Dealing With People You Can't Stand, I've been referred to as the Tank, the Sniper, the Grenade, and the No Person rolled into one. The truth hurts, as I thought this was a fairly cruel diagnosis.)
Seriously who is smoking? There has just been this Newporty undercurrent the whole weekend. I'm apparently the only person who smells it. Is it the neighbors? Or is all this late night writing finally getting to me?
Miss you Bats.
Heading home tomorrow morning. That should be a blast. The after holiday crowds flooding back into New York to get back on the grind and back into our star-free lives.
And I can't wait.


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