Saturday, December 03, 2005


Got my check last night. Like the rest of the ghetto folks I will not be headed to the liquor store to cap off my week and I will not be holding on to my money for Christmas gifts. That bad boy is going straight into my bank account. I've got plans for it.
(Sidebar: At Batman: If Mohammad can't come to the mountain, then the mountain must come to Mohammad.)
Laughing, no I don't really have plans for it. I'm no good with money so I just deposit it and "lose" my bank card so I can't take anything out. When I'm ready to go shopping I find it. I do plan to get the Juelz album and a pair of shoes. I haven't bought shoes in nearly a month. That's got to be some kind of record. Hey Jerry? Can we get Guiness on the phones?
Bats started a blog. As soon as it gets up and running, after he gerts into the daily post thing, I'm sure I'm going to be quite entertained. Like I told him he writes conversation pieces. Things people want to take away and talk about. None of the ignant folks I know are on my level so I can't discuss it with them but people like Lazy and Mo are good for conversation. Speaking of, Mo, I know I was supposed to be on last night but I had a slight crisis. Girl, I was drunk as you, don't feel bad.
As of right now I have nothing to blog about. I'm going to be writing for a little while. I'll be back.


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