Sunday, December 11, 2005

Checking Up On Me

Monae, this is the poem I was telling you about. I wrote it a few months ago, messing around at like three in the morning. Tell me what you think.

Keep Out Of Reach Of Children
Sh*t, I'll jump your bones
in a heartbeat
I'll take you right there where you stand
Don't ask, demand
Tell me how you like it
Whole lotta foreplay?
Yeah we can get it started
You know,
A you on top,
me on the bottom type of party
I can handle it
Can you?
You can go all night?
Me too
And tomorrow morning when we're through
And I'm up making coffee for you
You can tell me all those other things
I like to hear
Baby you so fine
You make me wanna cry
Say all that and look me straight in the eye
Kitchen counter
hall table
broom closet
I don't care how you get there
just get there if you can
Remind me why you're my man
Make my eyes roll back
Make me curl my toes
I wanna smell us in the sheets
Baby, the nose knows
Shut all the windows
Lock all the doors
Do it like you love me
Cuz tonight, honey,
I'm yours

Copyright © JackithaRippa 2005

Anyway, Jets won today, 26-10. My husband, Curtis Martin, is going out for knee surgery, ending his season. Sigh, pray for him. We're legally married, I'm just not sure he knows it yet. Lordie that man is some kinda fine. Mm.
Moving on...
Hi Mo. I read your email, I'm glad I made you laugh cuz I was pissed as hell shopping in there. I mean to get on last night and fell asleep crazy early. I watched a good ten minutes of SNL and was knocked out. Good episode too, Alec Baldwin. He always cracks me up when he comes on.
Bought a book the other day; Brickhouse by Rita Ewing. If I'm not mistaken that's the former Mrs. Patrick Ewing. (VisualEyes, you keep up with all that basketball crap so you let me know for sure.) It's good so far, I dig her writing style. Listened to the Jim Jones album back to front. I heard it earlier this summer, but kind of forgot what it sounded like so I bought it. Its good. Well, I think its good. And that's all that really matters isn't it?
As you can probably tell from the sour mood of this post I'm in a blue funk. Not a heavy one, I just need a sugar rush to boost my spirits.
Oh damn. My Johnnie's on its last leg. I'll be posting my Christmas list later...You're smiling already aren't you? :)


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