Saturday, December 24, 2005

'Twas The Night Before Christmas

By rights I should still be asleep. I didn't get to sleep until five last night. I went to the laundromat super late, that's the best time, the least immigrants. I swear, they swarm in there from like five to ten with hundreds of bags of laundry, as if they wait until the end of the minth to wash their clan's clothes. And then you have to wait fifteen years for a dryer and another fifteen for them to finish folding.
Lucky me, I got there when it was pretty empty and all I had to wait for was a dryer. Notice: ALL DARK CLOTHES CAN GO IN THE SAME DRYER!! Why are you taking up fourteen dryers for three different loads of dark clothes? Jeans are an exception, because they take a wee bit longer. But everything else can hop on in there.
Most of my laundry consisted of underwear. I think I had an two whole washers dedicated to panties. I have a vigorous panty care routine: I turn them inside out, pre soak them in soap and ammonia, put them in the washer, lil more soap, lil more ammonia, and a hell of a lot of fabric softener. They go in the dryer with two dryer sheets and I iron them when I get home. Hey, panties are just as important as shoes. They've gotta be kept up to par. (Batman, I'll be sending you the bill.)
I was on the phone with Mo for most of the night. Yes ya'll, I can talk and fold at the same time. We had a good conversatin about a varying range of topics, from the drive through daiquiri store in New Orleans...
Sidebar: As soon as I become President, I will be making New Orleans the new capital of the United States. They have a DRIVE THROUGH DAIQUIRI STORE. the Apollo theater and other landmarks of Harlem. I'm going to post a map of Harlem for you all, since most of the people who respond to these posting haven't ever been here. When you see it, the whole street/avenue thing will make sense.
I'm watching the James Bond marathon on Spike. You Only Live Twice, currently. I'm waiting for Goldfinger and Diamonds are Forever and License to Kill.
Right now I'm going to eat lunch. I forgot about my Christmas list, so look for the Dear Santa later on. And Ain't Gold as well. It's been a minute.


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