Friday, January 20, 2006

"And Let Me Get Another Bleu Cheese..."

I went to chill with the brats today. I didn't actually see any of them as the fallout lack of sleep took over at the most inappropriate time. I got there at eight, went to sleep at nine thirty and woke up at one thirty. So four hours of sleep. Now I was already crabby as hell from not having slept at all the previous night, and surprisngly, taking that nap only served to make matters worse. The highlight of what can only be described as a shitty day was the hot wings I had for lunch accompanied by my Mr. and Mrs. Smith fix on my portable DVD player.
A short time after I wake up, I'm still in a state of semi sleep, meaning I don't want to be bothered with the lives of anyone around me. With that in mind, the family workers invade my space for lunch. None of the family workers are male, which is what would have made this experience a little less painful. The problem with this place is that there are too many bitches running around trying to be the HNIC when there is no N to compete with. You remember that phrase too many Chiefs and not enough Indians? Well, they prove that theory each and every day. There is just too much goddamn estrogen running around in there. And the men that are employed play such a smaller role (cook, janitor, resident child molester) that whatever goodness could come out of their presence is overshadowed by the hags who think this place is theirs for the taking.
So back to the family workers. The heifers open up their funky lunches and begin to smack and chew and talk and socialize as loudly as possible. I think the odor of all their combined lunches was actually less nauseating than the mindless droll they called conversation. Nearly moved to tears of boredom and annoyance at this point I grab my jacket and leave the room.
As soon as I get outside I am hit by what can only be described as the most hellish felling I have ever had the misfortune of experiencing. the end of January. It had to be sixty f*cking degrees at place in time when it should have been single digits. I have not zipped my coat once since "winter" started this year. I had to suffer through one of the worst summers of my life and you can't even give me a good snowfall? What did I do wrong? I am cursing Mother Nature in the hopes that she blankets New York with the worst weather since the creation of the Almanac.


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