Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Quick Question

Dog, why you over here? It's so many hoes in here. My office hours nine to five, why don't you call me there? It's so many hoes in here.
My bad, I had to lapse into Jay right quick. Back when I was on the Blueprint 2 album every damn day that was my jam. That's not why I'm here.
I want to ask a question. Ladies, how many of you have male friends that you talk to on a regular basis? Okay, now does he have this one bitch he constantly talks about like she's fucking stained glass and he says he loves her (in that friendly way of course) when you know good and damn well that he hasn't known her for half as long as he's known you and the bitch doesn't know half the shit you know about him and and even though you're not dating or anything you're really startin to feel like everytime you have a conversation you can't get to the end without the nigga mentioning the bitch name and its really startin to piss you off because he thinks the two of you should be friends when in reality all you want to do is punch the bitch in her mouth then slap the shit out of him for being such a fucking dumb kiss ass?
I'm really starting to feel this way about this nigga. My sister says its jealousy. I say its sensibility. What makes you think I want to hear any other bitches name out of your mouth while I'm trying to have a decent conversation? What kind of dumb shit is that? And when I say he talks about the bitch like that, trsut me, its like that. I have to take a fucking tally at the end of our convo's. It's like, damn nigga did she suck your dick with frozen diamonds or what? The funny thing about is that I don't have a problem with him telling me about his baby mama. That I don't mind. But I am really sick of hearing this bitch name out of his mouth for real!
Sidebar: I know this isn't how I usually sound but I've got a few beers and three glasses of Jack Daniels in me so I'm a little wired.
He calls me up and the FIRST NAME OUT OF HIS MOUTH IS -----. I came oh this close to hanging up on him. I have never met the bitch in my life and if all goes well I never will. But Lawd have mercy this shit is pissing me off. Please somebody email me and tell me I'm wrong. Jee golly Moses, tell me I'm wrong.

(BTW Four Brothers is the dopest movie ever. I loved it, every moment from start to finish. It was very sad but it was so good. Bobby Mercer is officially my nigga. So from now on, if somebody gets on me the wrong way, I'll just say "I'll Bobby Mercer your ass." :D)


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