Thursday, January 12, 2006

Heavy Rotation

So the album's in my CD player have changed once again. I've found a much more eclectic mix than the last HR list I did. Since there is borderline NO good rap left to listen to, I've had to go through the pop/rock/alternative vault to find something to listen to. I've found the following
Raheem DeVaughn
Fall Out Boy
Chris Brown
Natasha Bedingfield
Jamie Foxx

These are all very good albums (Chris Brown's is shockingly incredibly decent if you're into the bubblegum R&B artist scene. He's like twelve and could use a few singing lessons but the songs are for the msot part pretty good.
I first heard Foxx's album at my new guy's house (we'll discuss that in depth later). Let's say its a very good mood setter. Some soft light, candles and/or incense and you've got a nice little setting there.
As for Ms. Bedingfield, I will sing her name to anyone who will listen. I've played her album five times in the last two days. I am in love with this chick!
So that's my heavy rotation list for this month.
By the way, has anybody seen Fabolous?


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