Monday, January 16, 2006


I'm in some kind of mood tonight...not exactly a bad one, but not exactly a good one either. I feel kind of funky, you know? I should be writing, I really should be. Speaking of writing;

****Urgent News Flash****
Those of you faithful readers that are patiently waiting on the arrival of Poison Ivy by Travis VP Fox, I must inform you that the book has been pushed back to a tentative November 2006. Yes, spread it around. Not July, but November. So if you are one of those folks awaiting a copy, I will let you know any and all details as soon as they are available to me. Tell your friends and neighbors. This concludes our news flash.

So I got an email from QBoro the other day. It asked for my synopsis and mailing address. Batman told me I should be optimistic, by them asking, they are at least showing interest. He can name people they weren't interested in. You all know me: Queen Pess (short for pessimistic). If I can't see the Promised Land and feel the sand beneath my feet, I'm not a believer.
After that he proceeded to chew me out for over an hour. After I finished crying, I realized everything he told me was right. As usual. So I've got a whole new outlook. No, I am not optimistic, but I am glad they at least asked me for that info. They could have just deleted it and said girl please. So while I am not getting my hopes up, I am happy for that much.

To everyone I repsonded to in the 359 emails I checked the other day:
Yes, RubbabandMan was in an accident on his motorcycle the other day. I am happy to announce that while the injuries looked much more severe when he came into the hospital, he called and let me know he is doing alright. I'm supposed to go see him this week. According to his sister he broke his leg which is set and looking well, and sprained his wrist. He has a number of small bruises and scratches, none of which are critical.
That ends this week's update. Look for a new Ain't Gold shortly.


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