Sunday, February 26, 2006

Random Musings From A Newportless Mind

I know I have been posting rather sporadically lately, but that's because I haven't really been home much for the past few days. sexybxnigga, I will be calling you and RubbabandMan on three way to discuss the L situation. Speaking of which,

*News Flash*
Mr. PPV and I are over, so the folks who were still curious about that situation can breathe easy. :)
I have moved on. I can see the future and the future is named L.

I have business to handle this week, as I am going back to school very shortly to get them same damn six credits that have been the bane of my existence for bout eight months now. Yes, I know I know. Leave me. I'm getting to it. I have no choice. If I don't get them, my mother is going to sell the three hundred dollar stiletto boots she bought me last year and Lord knows I can't have that.

My ass is stressed again and I'm back on the Newports. I know, I know. So please don't just "happen to mention it" when you call me up. I went through a pack when I was out the other day, like my last name is chimney. Nasty nasty habit. But hell if I care, comprende?


Blogger Greeneyedrican said...

Hey Girl it's Greeneyedrican!
I told you I would stop by your blog and holla..
I love it to, mine is extremely boring but that is because I am completely computer
Kepp the pen moving you are so very talented...

10:14 AM  

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