Thursday, February 16, 2006

Say What?

I was having a conversation with my mother last night (before we had to go to work, and we're sitting around cracking up at three in the morning) and during the course of said conversation, we came across of bunch of words that have butchered and passed off as English. Here aer just a few of the words I don't ever want to hear mispronounced again:
Converse (also known as conversate): It's converse, people. Just because Biggie said it wrong doesn't mean we all have to walk the Path of Ignorance. Pick up a dictionary if you're feeling unsure. Conversate is not, never has been, never will be a word.
Library (also known as libary): You see that extra i in there? It's there for a reason. WTF is a libary? Once again, pick up a book and read. Come on! The ESL kids don't even get that wrong.
Complexion (also known as complexioned or complected): Here we go again. I think folks hear things the wrong way and rather than rock the boat, they go along with it. Guess what? Not me. You ain't gone have me sounding a damn fool. There are too many dictionary's on the planet to sound so ignant all the time.
February (also known as Feb'ary): In Spanish, its febrero, note the extra r. What would make it any different? Much like library, you cannot forget the extra letter.
There are plenty more like that, but its early in the morning, so I'm sure you get the point. I'll be back with my usual dose of hate later on. :)

Hola Guapo *wink*


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