Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tenancy Denied

As you all know, I have been suffering with the knowledge that my eldest brother is back home. If you've spoken to my via telephone, email, or IM, you know I refer to him as The Boarder. I am going to give you the rundown on exactly what's going on round here.
According to my mama, The Boarder and his wife got married too fast. She had just started getting herself together after falling out of favor with her family and he never had himself together at all. (Translation: no job, no car, neither a pot nor a window.) He just popped up one day and told us he was getting married. We didn't even know he was dating the girl, having met her once, briefly, several years earlier.
Anywho, skipping the useless droll, they began having problems some time in. Problems that caused them to split temporarily. She went home and so did he. Now, the plan was for him to get himself together enough to prove he could come home. She's taking care of all the things the man usually takes care of (when I say all the bills I do mean ALL) and the little things she asks for can't get done. I can't blame her because flip side of the game? He'd be cursing her ass out.
Now that he is back home, my life has become a miserable living hell. I never liked my brother, only loved him because my mother birthed him. I call that love out of default. When he moved out? Loved him to death. But Good Lord knows I can't live with him. Its just too difficult. He's hella annoying, loud, supa dupa obnxious, and doesn't believe in being wrong. He eats, sleeps, farts, and drinks, not necessarily in that order. And once again he is hanging over my shoulder trying to see what I'm doing so I will be cutting this post short...


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