Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Making Moves

I sent off my manuscript the other day. Gasp! Yes, I know. Tell me why I went over that bitch with a fine toothed comb and as soon as I printed it, I found about a thousand typos? I was pissed. So far, I've received three good reviews. These are from people I trust mind you, Moni, Dre and Trish aka GreeneyedRican.
***Shameless Promotion: Ya'll don't know her but she's this dope ass poet/writer I met over at C2C. Pick up her poetry book, Green Eyes Open, at Trust me, you will not regret it. Her shit is truth. Homegirl is a problem.***
My mama was mad I didn't let her read it. For some strange reason, I feel funny having her read my stuff. I don't know why. It's like the day your mother finds out your not a virgin anymore. It doesn't make sense to ya'll, but it makes sense to me. It's a part of you she doesn't know about suddenly exposed. I get to cuss when I write, be free, put down what I want to put down. And I do not want my mama knowing that side of me. Makes sense now?
I ended up going to the Nets game the other day...Saturday I think it was. No wait, it-yeah Saturday. Nets won, 105-100. It was a decent ass game. They played the Raptors, who really had some hella good defense going on there. I'm going to have to watch Nets games more often. Let me say this, ya boy Jason Kidd does not leave a man down. I watched him run up the court to make a shot, turn back and pick one of his teammates off the floor. That's what the hell I'm talkin bout! Take a page from that book, Kobe!
I got home from the game, ate a few onion rings and went right back out. This nigga L had me out ALL freakin night. I was on the phone with Moni when I met up with him, so that
is the last person I spoke to that night. I got home sometime round nine the next day. It was my sendoff party, feel me? My ass is going back to school and hopefully work and I will have my hands full if I get this book accpeted. No, my hopes are not up. You know me by now.
Sidebar: Why am I running this Jim Jones album like there is no tomorrow? I've been playing it for like three weeks now, straight. What's really hood? Baby girl, you tryna be down with the DipSet...
In Ain't Gold news, there are only three posts left. I repeat, there are only three posts remaining until the finale. I am not giving anything away, I am not dropping hints, none of that. You will just have to wait and see.
Poll: Am I going to the Harlem Book Fair? I truly need an incentive.


Blogger Greeneyedrican said...

No need for all that gasping..I read stripped in a day..I couldn't put it down..I just wish the litarary world has some warning, before you took over.
I don't know which publishing house you sent it off to, but I'm telling you Chula, you aint got shit to worry about..Just make it do what it do.
Btw...I want more Priceless. Will she be making another apperance?

10:18 AM  

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