Saturday, March 04, 2006


Today's post is untitled because that is how I'm feeling, quite frankly. It's two in the morning and I just got back from the laundromat. I was supposed to be in there for a few minutes, washing some shit up, and then I met this dude named Rasikh and we kicked it for a couple of hours. Old boy was droppin science, you hear me? I'm not into the enlightenment, free your mind shit, but to hear someone my age so smart was more than refreshing. He works out as well so my happy fat ass will finally have an excuse to get the gym.
I've been taking these glucosamine supplements for my joint pain and they really do work. (Shut the fuck up, I don't want to hear any age jokes) I carried the shopping cart up four flights of stairs on my back and my knees are cool. I'm gonna have to look into this stuff. I don't feel a thing right now.
I lost five pounds stressing and smoking by the way. Yes, the Boarder...Watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith again today...And part of the Star Wars. I could care less which one, I can't believe I missed out on a good nap over that crap...
Here is the part of the show where I do endorsements: My new best friend, debut author Amaleka G. McCall, sent me her book A Twisted Tale of Karma, to read and review. As you all well know, I am a slammer when it comes to books. I destroy shit before it has a chance to get worse. But as I sat down and read her book, I could find absolutely nothing wrong with it. I was in complete and total shock at how good the damn thing was. (Remind me to post a review on Thanks.) Her book was one of the best I've read in a long while. Considering that the other two were written by my two favorite authors James Patterson and John Grisham, that's a feat. The girl has skillz. Yes, that is a Z.
I am really missin this nigga L like crazy! I spoke to him last night, and saw him Tuesday. (Spent the night, but that's a different story for a different time...) I am so mad at myself for liking him this hard. It's been what, a week? Going on two and I'm...well, damnit I'm sprung like my name is T-Pain, you feel me? I would never tell him that of course, gotta keep up the front, act like everything is cool, but I have really got it bad for this nigga. I am scaring myelf. I got the red flags telling me to keep my guard up over here, and the white light sayin come on let it go on the other side. And I am really turning my back on them red flags, word. RubbabandMan, say nothing. Do not call me poppin shit after this post. I do not wanna hear it.
DiamondPrinecess702 asked me about Batman recently. Did you not get the group email bitch? LOL. He is busy currently working on his next novel. Or dead, one of the two. I wouldn't know, I haven't spoken to him in tick tick tick three days. My brother -
(Long Sidebar: I have received complaints from a few people regarding the Boarder's relation to myself. I Keep making reference to the two and apparently, the slow folks are having trouble keeping up. Listen carefully, ok? Because I am not going to repeat this. I refer to Tah, my GODbrother, as my brother. We are not genetically linked in any way, shape, or form. He adopted me as his godsister some time ago after an incident which will we not be discussing. My biological BROTHER, I refer to as The Boarder. If you can recall, I used to call him the Flamingo? Yes, they are one and the same. So when I say my brother, I'm talking about Tah. When I say the Boarder, I'm talking about - well, you know...)
is hanging over my shoulder saying absence makes the heart grow fonder. I'm looking at him like out of sight, out of mind.
As for the folks that were wondering about the Mr. PPV situation, you all remember him as Malcolm. We are through, as I posted already. I was asked why? I thought you liked him? I did like him. But I don't do the disappearing act shit. You disappear, I'm going to disappear. Permanently. The two of us went throught this early on and I told him I wasn't having it. Besides the fact that them kids were just gumming up he works. I cannot deal wth a man with kids. That's why I dropped Guapo's ass but that's another story. Kids instantly make a man less attractive to me.
I am rambling...
I'm supposed to be taking Chuck (my baby brother. His name is Devon, but his middle name is Charles so we call him Chuck) to the Nets game tomorrow. I hope my ass gets up in time after writing this post. He gets these tickets to different sporting events as an incentive for good behavior and hard work in school. Muthaf*ck! If I had a goddman incentive! If my ass was getting tickets I'd still be in school! The only ticket I ever got was a detention slip for setting some broads hair on fire in the bathroom. But he goes to one of them cracker schools where they can afford that shit, while I went to the "inner-city" high school where they're still trying to get toilet paper, tissue and soap in the bathrooms at the same time. Just my luck eh?
Hasta manana, mi gentes.


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