Thursday, April 06, 2006

I, Love

I, love
hereby solemnly swear
to always be there
Remember you first
for better or worse

I, love
promise to cherish and care
Protect you and share
your secrets and fears
And keep them right here
Right here in my heart
Always do my part
I, love

(c) 2006 JackithaRippa

This poem is a work in progress. Touch it and die, bitches.

Anywho, I had a fulfilling week. Mailed off my contracts yesterday morning. I mean today. The residuals from a very ugly hangover are still in my system. Nearly a quart of Sutter Home and SoCo and Jamaican Rum. Wow... I haven't been that drunk in a very long time. Not since I snuck out of the house at two in the morning with my shorty and we...well, you know. Let me say it like this: Usted tiene el mejor sexo cuando le beben y arriba. He he he...
Anywho, when I got over it I trooped over to his moms new crib in the Bronx and chilled with him and his baby brothers and sisters. There are six of them. Whoda thunk? They're all a bunch of cutie pies too. I missed him somethin crazy. Hadn't seen him in like two going on three weeks and guess who comes to visit?
The Crimson Tide.
Anywho, when I got over being pissed about that, I made it over there and chilled with them for the day. I was supposed to go over today and do it again but that didn't happen. I'm going shoe shopping tomorrow (damnit where's that advance) and my girl Dre needs me for a consultation. She's not a shoe person at all but she tries. So hard that she's going for her first pair of heels tomorrow. I got my first at twelve. Yes, of my own volition.
I think I'm gonna call my nigga Tony tomorrow and go see ATL. That would be fun. Moreso because the last movie I went to see was with my mom, who is a lot cooler when she wants to be than she usually is. I'm still technically on "punishment", seeing as she says I can't chill with L (Ha HA HAAA) but she'll get over it.
When my mama leaves for Georgia, turns out I won't be homeless. The lease has my name on it so as long as I'm a rent paying customer, I got me a place to stay. I'm going to rent out the other rooms and gouge. :) I'm lyin, I'm lyin. I'm going to be wrking by then so I have nothing to worry about, just split it down the middle three ways. Or I might charge them more because I've had to lve in this dump longer I don't know. Alls I do know is that I will be getting the entire apartment repaired after they leave.
Guess who's gonna be in summer school? Fuck. I know. I'm gonna actually get that diploma one of these days. I'm gonna have to do some serious hustling though, if I want to be writing and working at the same time.

I was thinking about my book release party, more appropriately, who's gonna be there. I don't know who I want there. My family? I am only known associates with my immediate family. So I'm guessing it would be Cam and her fam (her two brothers and her sister and her cousin), L and em ('and em' consists of about five people), Tony and em (I think that consists of about five people also), Dre and her people (about three people), my mama's people (that's her friends and a gaggle of people from her job), I guess my pops (he rolls solo), my baby bro's and whoever they wanna bring, and I guess that would be it. Notice, no aunts and uncles and sitant cousins twice removed on my mother's side. That side of the family doesn' know how to act.
Monica, would you fly up here for a book release party? Just think of it as me flying south for your wedding. :) Look at me, being all presumptuous. I hope the shit even sells. That's the most important thing here. I've got my peoples pumping me up because in the end it's really word of mouth that gets your shit sold.
Oh wait, Phantom of the Opera is on, I be right back.


Anonymous Monica said...

Hell yea I'll be there!! and I'm really feeling that poem...NICE!

1:06 AM  

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