Thursday, March 30, 2006

Okay, Wait, Let Me Explain

To the angry mob that stormed the forts and broke down the walls, trying to get the knights to throw my body over the parapets, please allow me to explain myself.
People, how could you not see this coming? The name of the story is Ain't Gold. You had to have figured it out that Maxell was going to hit them hard at the end of the story. Come on!! But wait, then again, I did change the ending a few months ago so yeah, I might have thrown you off. But anywho, you all know I'm not fond of happy endings. All that glitters ain't gold, is the moral of that story. So please, put down your torches and pitchforks and back down for my sakes.
You think I wanted to kill them? Of course not. I had such a crush on Rich, I really did. And I know we were all rooting for him and Nikki to make it to the altar fine well and good. But which ending is more shocking, more explosive, more exciting? I did say that you weren't going to be prepared so you gotta blame yourselves. If it makes you feel better the next story is going to be rather interesting. He he he...


Anonymous Monica said...

I'm still mad! So that's more story huh. Okay so like on DVDs they have the bonus features which sometimes include alternate endings. I WANT MY ALTERNATE ENDING! What do ya say? :)

11:44 PM  
Blogger PEPSI LOVER said...

hell yea... iwant one to... with white horse and everything..

7:00 PM  

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