Sunday, March 26, 2006

Downward Spiral

So after I had a few drinks in me the Boarder and I sat down and got to it and actually had a decent conversation. Albeit it was about the state of events at my residence, which, as of late, have become quite abominable.
I was wallowing in my cerveza and wondering to myself just how bad I could let things get. I mean, I am really pissed at myself right now. This whole bad episode last summer/not graduating/dying to get the blue fuck outta here situation is putting a strain on this pretty face.
If I had a car, I swear I'd be driving until the gas ran out. I wish I could just hop in the car and get away, just me, myself and the vechicle. I mean, I can do that with Tah, but I would much rather be all alone, just me and my thoughts.
I'm planning a coup against my mother. Does that sound wrong? The overthrow of her empire? Okay, maybe that's me being a little bit dramatic but seriously. Something has to be done about the craziness around here. I am sressed to the point of breaking and that is not good for my skin Three stress rashes in just under two days? WTF?


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