Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hoe Sit Down Award of the Week

I know it's a little early but being without the computer last week, my schedule got jacked up. So this week's Award is bestowed upon three very deserving contestants. None other than Three Six Mafia. Now as you can recall, I applauded them on their Oscar win and even defended them when other members of their race called them undeserving. But now they have gone too far.
-Three 6 Mafia is pimping their Oscar around LA in order to gain access to clubs. Us hears that the rap group rolled up to Lobby last Thursday only to be told that only four people would be allowed at a table because the club was already crowded. One of the group members pulled the statue out of a paper bag and asked, “This little man count?” Says our source, “Mr. Oscar sat on prime club real-estate, neatly placed on the center of the Mafia’s table, surrounded by gazers observing that glowing complexion in awe.” (source: Us Weekly Online)-
You have got to be kidding me with this shit. I mean really. Remember when I said there was a masive differenc ebetween black people and niggers? I immediately class them as the latter. How B-List-and-dying-to-be-A-list are you when you have to pimp out an Oscar to get into a club? What in the blue fuck is wrong with you? Sigh. Maybe the Academy Awards should go back to being an all white establishment rather than the coon fest it is slowly becoming.


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