Saturday, March 18, 2006

Dirty Little Secrets

The Boarder and my baby brothers were all insisting on watching Rent earlier this evening. Me, I couldn't be more uninterested so I logged on and zoned out with my headphones. I found a new group to jam to.
All American Rejects.
They are freakin awesome. I know I sound like I'm losing my black card over here (don't worry, I got my Jim Jones/Juelz Santana fix all day today), but honestly these guys are really good. Most of what I listen to these days is rock anyway (Aerosmith, The Who, Fall Out Boy) so you might as well take my card. Put that on the list of albums that I will be rotating. These guys have truly got it going on.
Anywho...I came on here to discuss something and I can't remember what it is...




Oh yeah. So I'm working on a bunch of projects desinged to keep my hands and mind busy. Yes, I am seriously writing all the following novels at the same time: um let's see, there's PO, Moni's personal favorite (that one is making very good progress, I'm proud of it. BTW where the heck are ya?), there's The D Word (that's a dark comedy), The Watcher and Front Lines. I am really busy over here! Oh and Unnecessary Roughness. Please be advised if you think I'm puting my ideas out there for someone to jack, you are crazy. I will tell you about them personally if you ask really nicely.
There were a few readers (sorry I don't remember exactly who you were) that asked about the upcoming novel from Travis Fox's camp: Poison Ivy. I sent out a group email a while back. Its release date has been pushed back to November. He is tentatively scheduled to attend the Harlem Book Fair in July in New York, so if you would like to meet him and reserve and autographed copy of the book, be there. For any additional information, please visit his website.
Still navigating through the two hundred emails I received about my absence...I'm back, so stop asking.

(I'm spending the day out tomorrow so don't expect any posts.)


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