Thursday, March 09, 2006

Can You Hear Me Now? Good

So I already told ya'll I was downloading ringtoneson my phone last week.
Let me tell ya, it was hella fun. I put four on there, one for every category of caller. For my Unknown's, it's Young Jeezy's Go Crazy. I love that song. Its the only video he did with any originality and I wish it had been a full length. I love the snow shit in the background.
My friends got Chris Brown's Yo (Excuse Me). Ya'll already know how I feel about that whole album. I'm going to play it as soon as this Goapele joint goes off. (If you don't know about Goapele, take yourself on over to and get acquainted. You will not regret it.)
Yes, L does have his own ringtone. It's Baby Bash's Shorty Doo Wop, and when I call him, mine is Honey Dip off the Jim Jones. Do I feel loved? Yes I do. :) If I could find it, I would put it on my phone. But I can't, so I didn't. He's got Nextel (gag me with a fork) and I've got Cingular so everything he has I don't have.
Sidebar: I love Baby Bash. The first song I heard by him was this joint with hma nd Frankie J called Suga Suga. Remember that? From like three summers ago? Well, that's when I started liking him.
The Family ringtone is Me and My B*tch by Jaheim. DO NOT ask. I have no idea and I can't tell you why.
I will tell you this: them ringtones are addictive. And expensive. I'm other putting shit on a bill I can't pay, meaning my ass will probably be MIA by the end of the month unless I take my ass to the corner and make some change. (J/K) They're like three dollars a pop, plus whatever amount your service kncoks on there for purchase. I'm scared to see next month's bill.

Shoutout to the newest member of the Jacki Simmons Experience, Inquisitive, of C2C fame. Hi Quisi. :)


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