Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Heavy Rotation

Time for the March edition of HR. I have pretty much the same albums as last month's, so uhh, don't look for much variation.
Chris Brown- I am feeling the hell out of this kid. I have NO idea why. He's like twelve, but he is too cute, his lil skinny ass. I was jamming to some "Yo!" all day today. I even put it on my phone. Whenever a friend calls, I get the "Yo! I don't know your name, but excuse me miss, I saw you from across the room..." Yeah, it's critical. I am too damn old to be diggin this kid...
Trey Songz- Yes, I am still bumpin this album like it's going out of style. I can't get it out of my head! It's really a problem.
Jim Jones- Say something about him and get slapped. Go ahead. Go on. ...I'm sorry, but I'm Jonesin. :)
Dru Hill Greatest Hits- I love Greatest Hits albums because they cut straight to the chase. If Ashanti would come out with one, she could spare me the pain and boredom of listening to her whole album. All she has is those sucky remixes. If I'm wrong, hit me up and mail me a copy please.
Anywho, this is L's favorite album, he sings You Are Everything to me on the phone, so you know a sista is trippin. I should really stop talking about him shouldn't I? Hmm...Got me sounding all dickwhipped over here...NOT cool. I need to get my gangsta back...


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