Thursday, March 16, 2006


I recently relaxed my hair for the first time in six months. I always do that, wait a trillion years to get the perm back in. I hate getting my hair done. I like the way it looks but I'm not one for maintenance. I love those natural hairstyles those girls have but I'm not interested in the work that has to be put in for my hair to look like that.
For those of you that were wondering about the Monday morning situation, here is the super condensed version: I spent the day in the courthouse, 11:30am to 6:30 pm. If you know the story, you know. If you don't, you don't, feel me?
Still awaiting word from Melodrama...
My writing has been going fantastic. I am writing three novels at once, to keep my mind of the droll that my life has been for the past week or so. Things have really sucked around here.
On a much lighter note:
To Moni, one of my most faithful readers. Her loooooooooongtime boyfriend proposed this past weekend. She accepted and they get hitched next May. Yes, my happy ass was informally invited and as long as they have an open bar, I am chillin like a villian. This is going to be so freakin awesome, I can't wait to go shoe shopping.
I just finished reading Sheisty by T.N. Baker. It was very decent. Aside form a few annoying editing errors, it was really good. it was sad though. I think my favorite character was Keisha, because I resemble her, really smart and secure but capable of making some very STUPID. But I also repsected Epiphany's gangsta. She was a hustler and I know all about that. Not the Pussy Power part cuz I'll be damned if I sex a dude for some cash, but about the 'just to get by' allure of some of thee guys. Intimidation can be very sexy; it has its moments. I straight hated Shana. I wish a bitch would sleep with my man behind my back and then call herself my friend. I crack her over the head with a bottle afer I cut his face up with it. It ended leaving me wanting more and I will be going to Two-Fifth to get Still Shiesty as soon as possible.
And I guess that's it.
...Ain't Gold finale coming soon, get your popcorn...
Oh and I decided I will be putting up another short atory after this one entitled Don't Ask, Don't Tell. You'll like it.
Oh, and I'm adapting Ain't Gold into a novel.
And that's it.
Oh and the Boarder is still here.
And no I haven't seen L yet, but I will be giving him a Harlem Beatdown as soon as I see him this weekend, hopefully. I miss the hell out of his skinny ass.
Oh! And before I go for real for real this time, I FINALLY saw American Psycho. Awww man, it was excellent. They took just so much out of the book that they didn't get sidetracked. They added the necessities, subtracted the irrelevance and somehow brought to life scenes that I didn't think you could visualize. It was one of the most perfect films I have ever seen. As a matter of fact, its going in the vault with the Best Films of All Time.
Okazy, I'm really done.


Blogger Greeneyedrican said...

Hold it down Mama...I'm sure they will pick your talented ass up...
I can't wait to see the book in it's published form.

Keep the ink spilling you got a fan in me.

10:56 AM  

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