Thursday, March 16, 2006

Let's Be Real

OKKK, I know it's been a minute, so keep all your jokes to yourselves, you bums. Nah, you know I love ya'll, but this is the first Let's Be Real post I've been able to spit out in a minute.

This Week's Topic: Three Six Mafia's Academy Award Winning Song, Hard Out Here For A Pimp
When I first heard that this song was nominated for an award, I was way skeptical. But as you all know, that's my personality. I am the Queen of judging things by their covers. I have absolutely no reason to watch the movie. I will say this: the lyrics to the song, when heard corretly, actually make sense.
The movie is about a pimp and his struggle to better himself and become something else. The song is a bleak prospect on the lifestyle of a man who knows nothing better than what he does for a living. He is struggling, trying to make a living in a debasing way. He doesn't like what he does but like he says, it's hard out here for a pimp. I've gotta eat too, you feel me? This is my hustle, this is all I have.
All of a sudden, big time black folks have a problem. They are seriously hatin on the brothas. Why? As we all know, prominent black people that had to "work" to get where they are now are jsut as racist as any member of the Klan. YEAH I SAID IT. They think that because they came to their wealth and infamy in a different way, they are better.
Let's be real: 99.99999% of the Academy is white. So if they didn't want to movie's themse song to get some burn, would they have nominated it? Even Terrance Howard was nominated for his role in the movie. So what is that saying? Don't hate, congratulate.
This is exactly why black folks don't ever get anywhere. They are constantly trying to keep each other down. Even if you don't like what the song is representing or what they're saying, change the channel! Don't listen to it! You are a human being, with sense (I would hope) enough to change the channel when something unfavorable passes by your ears.
Bottom line, let the dudes have their shine. Be proud that after years and years of having all white faces at the Academy's, there is finally some diversity for the hard work that black actors/actresses put in.


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