Monday, March 20, 2006

Now Boarding...

I was reading an email from one of the many sites I'm subscribed to when I came across this interesting question: If given the chance, would you move back to Africa? After I emailed him and asked "Africa then or Africa now?" and was given the answer "Africa now" I was able to formulate a thought.
As extremely fun as it would sound to be married to an AIDS carrying man with twelve other wives and ninety children, walk ten miles roundtrip three times a day for fresh water, endure female circumcision, and have a plate in my lip, I think I'm going to have to pass.
I have never as long as I can remember wanted to be anywhere near (like China) Africa. More than one reason. The biggest (and I think most justified) is the unholy amount of civil unrest over there right now. I will be damned if I go anywhere for a relaxing vacation and get a bullet in my ass. I know you all saw Hotel Rwanda when the government had the American citizens jetting out of there like bats out of hell. Not me, pal! I don't think so. I mean, I talk a lot of shit but your perspective on life changes drastically after you've looked down the barrel of a gun. Trust me, I would know.
Second, and just as important as the above, is the climate. I can barely handle the fifty degree wieather we've been having in New York over the past couple of weeks. What makes you think I'm going to do any better on a continent that is this close to being covered completely by sand?
Third, the life I have here is incomparable to the life I would have anywhere else. As sucky as it really is over here, the opportunities we are afforded are nonexistent in other places. Granted, I'm really not doing anything super with my life right now, but still, when I get my shit together, I won't be able to do it anywhere else but here. Could you imagine trying to open a continental restaurant in the middle of the Sahara? Uh...No.
Think about it: running water and plumbing 24/7. Corner stores and bodegas. SHOE STORES. Television. With cable. Movie theaters, hair and nail salons, restaurants, real estate, schools, homes, life without much too worry about as far as a bullet in the ass goes. I mean of course there is the occasional gang shootout or random stray bullet but on the whole, I can get from here to any place in New York without thinking twice about it. I dig that and I wouldn't give it up for all the history in the world.
America blows, mainly becuase of the rich, misguided, stupid and not always white folks running the governement. But I can name nowhere else I'd rather be.


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