Friday, March 24, 2006

Hollymood Swingin

I'm pissed.
I plan on being pissed for another few days or som. Or whenver I snap out of this blue funk. I know I'm supposed to be emitting a positive odor, being that I just had a very positive thing happen, but I am just not feeling life at the moment.
I haven't seen L in a week and I'm jonesin.
I need a drink.
I need to go therapeudic (is that how you spell that word? I highly doubt it) shoe shopping.
I need a taller drink.
I got my hair washed today and its pissing me off more because it keeps falling into face and that shit gets real old real fast.
Johnnie would be lovely, thank you.

I am still planning that imaginary trip to the Bahamas. I'm gonna go by hook or by crook. I have no idea what I'll do out there, but I'm planning it anyway. I'm sure the hotels have serious AC action going on.No, I'm not gonna spend the entire trip in the air conditioner.
I had some cerveza last night and it made me feel even worse. I keep forgetting that alcohol is a downer. Most of the time I feel so much damn better after a drink thatit totally slips my mind. But there has been a cloud hanging over my head for the past few days.
Maybe it's my imminent return to school...Hmm...Or the factr that I need a job...and a car...and an apartment...and a life...
Let me get out of here before I start depressing people...
Jesus I am in a bad mood.


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