Thursday, March 23, 2006

Miscellaneous Thoughts: Pre-Sunup Edition

I'm up rather early this evening seeing as I have no phone.

I need to lose twenty pounds before Moni's wedding. Well damn, before my mama's wedding so I don't f*ck up the pictures. I'm her maid-of-honor and I want these shots to come out looking halfway decent.

I should really stop stalling on the learner's permit tip.

Why can I hear your Bleep from the fourth floor at this time of the night? Seriously?

Why don't we have an elevator in this building? I was just thinking about that.

Who else is going to see Waist Deep with Tyrese and the Game's fine ass?

Speaking of movies I saw Steve Harvey's Don't Trip, He Ain't Through With Me Yet last night...Hil-a-ri-ous. I don't know how he made it through that whole hour without not one cuss, but he did it. I was this close to tears.

I'm on a rock and roll trip out. I'm going to Tower Records to get a Nirvana and a Pink Floyd album within the week. Wow...Never thought I'd see the day. Not to mention I've been playing All American Rejects and Greenday like crazy for the past few days. What is happening to me? Oh wait...the death of hip-hop, aka D4L/Dem Franchize Boyz/K.Fed. Never mind.

I'm about to take it waaaaay back with this Juelz From Me To You album. I feel so...Ninth grade.

Mentally planning that trip to the Bahamas

Watched Good Night and Good Luck the other night. Very good. I recommend it to those of you that watch those kinds of movies (aka not you RubbabandMan)

Speaking of "those kinds of movies" has anyone seen Capote? Feedback please.

Watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith today. Yes, again. And Edward Scissrohands. And Finding Nemo. And Kill Bill. So no, I pretty much didn't leave the room at all.

Will be leaving the room tomorrow. Well, later on today.

I quit smoking again.


Blogger Greeneyedrican said...

Well..I wish I could stop smoking actually bought some herbal pills the other day...we'll see.
Um btw...You want some great Pink Floyd (i'm not too much into rock ) but I remembered my brother bumping Dark side of the moon when we was younger and I actually dug it.

11:43 AM  

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