Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Forget Forrester, Find Me

Hola my pplz.
So I got that email back from Melodrama today, expressing interest in offering me a publishing contract. You know my lil black ass was all too happy. Was? Sorry, typo. Is. I just opened my email a little while ago and I am just now calming down after having a near fatal heart attack. And the blog is the only method of communication I have as of right now, seeing as I am phoneless and Yahooless.
So before I start gushing, I need to move on to more pressing matters. Seeing as I'm still writing three -wait four- novels at once I really need to slow down and start thinking about my future outside of writing, feel me? I still need to take that impulse trip to the Bahamas this summer and I'll be damned if I don't look good doing it.
I've always loved writing, since I could get the pen in my fat ass fingers. But I was thinking to myself about the backup plan kind of thing. I'm not the kind of person that doesn't have a back up plan and if this writing thing doesn't go as planned, I need to have an alternate source of income.
I'm still doing the cooking thing, pump your brakes, we all know I'm the Queen of the land that is Multitasking, but I will feel much better knowing that when I get home from the restaurant there will be a chapter for me to pen, feel me?
I'm babbling from excitement so let me get out of here. I'll talk to ya'll soon.
Oh, and the Ain't Gold Finale is next Tuesday so stop emailing me trying to get sneak peeks. I don't wanna have to tell ya'll again. Just gotta wait and see. After Ain't Gold, look for Don't Ask, Don't Tell to start in a couple of days.


Blogger Greeneyedrican said...

Congrats Mami!!!!

I am over here jumping up and down for ya ass..and what you mean besides your writing career I don't think you'll need another alternative after that....So you gonna make us hold out till aint right, and you know you aint right.
Like I said before you have a fan in me, I'm gonna love watching you progress.

11:41 AM  

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