Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hustler's Ambition

The site is about to become strictly promotion. Seriously.
I am going to be reviewing a contract later this week and if everything is well then I will be getting my hustle on, for real for real. I have a few reviews from a few different people but I am about to start sending out the Jacki Simmons Experience Package, details to follow. I'm a hustler at heart and I don't have much of a problem selling myself (when I am in the right mind which is usually after a steadying chat with my close personal friend and spiritual advisor, JW). But I'm not too fond of people, as you all know, which can be a barrier in this business. So I have come up with a plan. Of course I'm not going to tell it here, so you can jack it.
I've spoken to a lot of published authors since my run at novel writing and they have all given me a lot to chew on. There are so many things about the literary industry that I am not ashamed to admit my ignorance of. But then again it is great to have people on your side, willing to share the good, bad and ugly with you. So I guess meeting new people ain't all that bad after all.
I have a few loyal readers on this site and you know if you don't hook me up I'm gonna pimp slap you to high heaven. So send me an email with your complete address and I will send you the package. You all have my email, if not look it up in the profile. This is gonna be such fun.

Oh, I have another present for you ...Ain't Gold Finale, tonight. :) When? I can't tell you. I just gotta keep you on your toes. It could be five minutes from now, five hours from now. Just know that the end is very near.


Blogger PEPSI LOVER said...

damn.. i saw it but i haven't read it... taking deep breaths.... please let it be a happy ending...please... okay ...on withthe show..and do ya thing ...

8:53 PM  

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