Friday, April 21, 2006

Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe

So I'm watching my daily does of Negro TV (the Maury Show, Divorce Court, Judge Alex and Judge Hatchett) at my mamas job as she types a memo for one of her directors. Judge Hatchett had some guy on there with two women claiming he was their childnres fathers. I was disappointed not in the fact that he was there for two kids by two different women no, but by what I saw in the advertisement for the next episode: "She claims they held a secret rendesvous just so she could get pregnant."
Are you freakin kidding me?
I turned to my mother, who was busy shaking her head, and asked her this, "Why don't people understand the ramifications of their actions whne they claim they want a kid?" I don't get it. There is no reason kids should be raising kids. You're not even finished raising yourself. And how many grandparents are stuck with grandchildren they didn't birth, while their children struggle to make it in the outside world?
There is so much more to being a parent and having a baby than just changing pampers. Its not all oohs and aahs at baby showers. Sure, you may take pride in your baby bump when you're waltzing through Baby Gap and Babies R Us but think about it...
Staying up til four thirty in the morning because little Susie has colic and can't sleep.
Calling your girlfriends and telling them you can't go lubbing because you can't find a baby sitter. They curse you out because tonight is ladies night and this is the third time you've had to bail on them.
Wondering where in blue hell this kids father is, what he's doing and who he's doing it with.
Medical bills that are piling up because since you have no one to watch your child, you can't work. And all these girls are doing what they're doing all alone. There are plenty of fathers who are standing up and doing the right thing but at the same time there are plenty of others that are not.
Why is being a 'baby mama' a badge of honor? That's why I was so pissed when Fantasia came out with that dumb ass song. It's not something that should be condoned. Its something that should be addressed and prevented. I'm not going to talk bad about anyone under eighteen with a child because all of my best friends are mothers. My godbrother Tah had his daughter when he was seventeen. He is now twenty-one. My best friend (from way back in junior high) had he first child when we were in tenth grade. Another very close friend started having kids in the eighth grade and she's up to her fifth right now. She'll be twenty in January.
I've watched all of the grow and mature in different ways. Granted, they're still kids at heart (ya'll know how dumb Tah can be) but being a parent at a young age forces you to become a grownup regardless o whether the law states it or not.
When did life become so complicated?


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