Friday, April 07, 2006

You May Now Dismiss The Bride

I've received various emails from my readers inquiring as to why it is that I posted the news of the Simmons divorce as opposed to the Mathers divorce. Cuz I felt like it bitches, that's why. Nah I'm kidding. In all seriousness, I was going to. And then I thought about it.
I'm not too keen on this "trying to do what's right by my daughter" bullshit. I hate it when people hide behind them bullshit ass excuses to try and justify their actions. You married the braod the first time because you probably did love her. Times got hard, shit hit the fan and ya'll got divorced. Ya'll got remarried because you thougt you could work shit out and be a family because as bad as you make Kim seem, you can't live without the bitch. Ya'll just don't need to be married. Wanna bet they stay together forever as a commonlaw couple? I got five on it.
Simmons don't run around making albums about Kimora like he ain't got no damn sense. (Now I ain't gone front like he didn't have me rollin' when he wrote Puke but still, come on. If she was a rapper she would probably hate you just as much.) Kimora and Russell are going to be civil for their kids sake, something Mr. Mathers and Kim just can't seem to do. I'm not an advocate for divorce but if you choose to walk that route, make sure your shit is kept quiet.
Happy now?


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