Monday, May 01, 2006

April Showers...Or Lack Thereof

Did it even rain this month? I'm trying to think back and remember opening my umbrella. Yeah, it did rain like twice. I was expecting serious torentially downpurs seeing as we were seriously jipped when it came to the winter we had. Or didn't have. I didn't zip up my coat ONE TIME last winter. WTF kind of crap is that? Freakin sucks.
I should be writing right now; instead I'm listening to Dane Cook (very funny cat) and trying to get motivated. I write four thousand words last night, bringing the word count up from twenty-two thousand and change to twenty-six thousand and change. Yes, it's going quite well, thank you. My sister and I are on the phone discussing random shit. Our dream cars. My dream car has always been a fresh new Cadillac CTS, yes. I will never change that. But if I were truly rich and could truly afford it, I would buy this; the single most beautiful vehicle ever manufactured by man:

Yes. Bow down to it's glory. Isn't she a beaut? I'd name her Hasta LaVista and call her Hasta for short. As in 'I will see you in the dust, bitches'. That's a Saleen S7, kids. Capable of over 200MPH and 0-60 in under three seconds, V8 engine and 750 horsepower. Sure it costs just over half a million dollars but if you're the type of person that can afford a car like that, you're not really worried about price are you? Sheesh, I hate rch people. And don't give me any of that "money doesn't buy happiness" shit, either. That's just something rich people say to make poor people feel good. Just like "beauty comes from within" is somehting they say to ugly people to make them feel good. Yeah, I know the game. Money don't buy happiness but it sure can buy some nice shit.


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