Monday, April 24, 2006

Paid In Full

I can't wait until I am the CEO of my own shit.
That would undoubtedly make me more of a bitch than I am now but if I'm the one calling the shots it doesn't really matter, does it? I think of all the CEO's of powerful companies int he movies and how much they had to give up to get there. Remember Anthony Hopkins in Meet Joe Black? Even though I be goddamned if somebody knocks me out of my position of power. I guess that was bad example. And now that I'm thinking of it I can't remember. Oh wait, Vin Diesel in Boiler Room. I love that movie.
Cutthroat. Do I want to be cutthroat? No, I just want to be respected and feared enough fro people to realize that I am not one to be stepped on or over. There is no worse feeling than being a brown noser in a world where you can only go up. I would hate to spend the rest of my life kissing someone's ass when I could spend the rest of my life having my ass kissed, you know?
But that's the shit about paying your dues. Eventually, unless you're really, really good, you have to kiss some ass to get where you want to be. I'm not a fan of kissing ass but I can understand the importance of fakin it to make it. I'm not going to live on my knees but if I need to walk two steps behind you every now and then, I will do so, feel me?
So as I sit here penning this post, nursing a very large glass of JW, smoking and listening to the Diplomats, I must remind myself from here on out that shit is going to get really real. I'ma have to put my head down and squeeze through the crowd with one shoulder. Hustlin is hard to do but apparently that's what needs to be done in order to make it to the top.
At least in this world, it is.


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