Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hoe Sit Down Award of the Week

Karrine Steffans says she's gotten it on with Usher, Diddy, Vin Diesel, Shaquille O'Neal and Ja Rule, among other famous men. But when it comes to satisfying her as a woman, no one compares with comic Bill Maher.

"It took a lot to impress me," the best-selling author of "Confessions of a Super Vixen" tells us. "Bill was my perfect match. [Love-making] was explosive and amazing. I've never been with someone who couldn't keep his hands off me."

And it wasn't just the passion. "He made me a better person. I never expected fidelity and commitment from Bill Maher, but we saw each other every day, and he reached out to include my son."

As much as she was learning from her 50-year-old "daddy," Steffans, 27, says she began to feel "like I was just becoming his girlfriend. I needed to explore."

About three months ago, they decided to take a break. "It was nice to hear people calling my name when I walked down the red carpet," she says. "But now I want to go back home to him. I haven't been with anyone else since. I will never be with another man."

It was one year ago today that they met. Though they still exchange E-mails and phone calls, she says, "It's going to be a lonely anniversary."

"Bill is free to go out and date," she says. "The difference between me and whoever he's [bleep]ing now is they're not getting what he gave me."

Maher wasn't available for comment yesterday, but he told us in August he was serious about Steffans.

While she waits to see what her romantic future holds, Steffans is furious over a piece of her freaky past that's been resurrected.

Tomorrow, Vivid Entertainment plans to release a DVD titled "Superhead," Steffans' nickname in the hip hop world. Her lawyers plan to file a motion in L.A. Federal Court to stop the release.

Steffans admits she signed a release form when she went before the cameras with the porn player known as Mr. Marcus. But she emphasizes, "That was six years ago, when I was a coke whore. I was a single mom. I needed money. Vivid makes it look like it's a new tape. They're using my current picture and a book title without my permission. If anyone profits from this film, I want my cut, which I will donate to charity."

She adds, "I have better sex tapes at my home - with people more famous than me. I have those for my own pleasure. I could make a ton off them. But I don't make money off sex anymore."

And who might those famous people be? Bill perhaps?

"No," she says. "But if he was, I wouldn't tell you."

Source: Daily News

If you recall, this is the THIRD award bestowed upon Ms. Steffans. She is now neck and neck with Kanye West for the Hoe Sit Down Award of the Year.
When is this broad going to let it go? I'm so tired of hearing about her vagina, its ridiculous. Besides the fact that it's probably like throwing a hot dog down a hall way, Thanks Stewie) her pussy is really starting to piss me off. Shouldn't you be off somewhere, I don't know...raising your child?


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That's just too funny

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