Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Syndicated Incorporated

That was a Weird Al reference, that title in case you were wondering. Look at me, caring again. Anywho, I'm sitting up eating leftovers right (macaroni and cheese and porkchops) and I'm flicking through the channels when I see George Carlin's comdedy special on HBO. It got me to thinking about the TV shows I missed. He was a star on one of them.

Remember this nigga?
I used to breathe Shining Time Station when I was a kid. I loved that show. And for the record, my favorite train was always the mean one, I think it was Gordon. That nigga had the only attitude! He stayed gettin on Thomas and them because he wanted the good jobs so he could show off. I remember the episode where he stole Thomas' cars and then got derailed and had to eat shit when they had to come save him. PURE COMEDY. And the Jukebox Band. *Tear.* And Stacy who like...never worked again...

And then there was this:

But the original though. Not this new shit they've got and it's not even educational anymore. I was flipping past and I had to go back and actually watch it for a minute because I was that dumbfounded. I'm lke get real, what happened to the real Sesame Street? They taught me how to read. And sing with Celia Cruz. What was doper than that? They taught us about death with Mr. Hooper, life with the birth of Gabby, and affirmitive action with the addition of Rosita (whom I can still do without.) And in case you were wondering, yes, Oscar is my favorite. I loved them. My second favorite was Kermit. Which brings me to:

Yes, I loved this show. I think Statler and Waldorf were the best. ('They're not half bad!" "Nope, they're all bad!") That big monster, Sweetums, scared the green and blue hell out of me, on a serious tip. That dude had me running for cover like my name was Basia. (Ya'll don't know nothin about that.) And then there was the Pigs in Space skit. Comedy. And the Flying Zucchinie Brothers...Awww man. Of course, Miss Piggy was my favorite. She was such a diva. Reminds me of someone I know...And best believe when they had Ashanti on there as Dorothy in the Muppets Wizard of Oz, I had me a front and center seat. And I will be copping the DVD come August 9th...On the most sensational inspirational celebrational Muppetational...

And of course, my all time favorite show when I was coming up:

A dedicated ChopHead. I loved her. And Charlie Horse. And Hush Puppy. They were so freakin cute. Except for the Big LambChop. She scared me. I think it was because she never talked. She was just there; she would appear out of this mist and just be there in all her six foot silent hugenes. I couldn't take that as an impressionable six year old. It was hard for me. You noticing a pattern here? I can't take that kind of monstrosity jumping out at me. I didn't like the monster in the Muppet Show, I didn't like Big LambChop, I'm steps from being a grown woman and I'm creeped by the Burger King guy...I just can't do it. (Future reference, I still don't do clowns.)

Moving right along to lighter things:

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor. I was pissed when he died, like seriously pissed! I swore by this guy in the early morning hours when there was naught to do but wait for my mama to get home from running some miscellaneous errand. I loved Trolley and the Land of Make-Believe. Tell me why it took me mad long to figure out the whole 'King Friday the XIII' thing. WOW...And his wife was his bitch, I swear! And remember Lady Elaine Fairchild? And Daniel? He was a serial killer in a past life, I'm sure of it. Too soft spoken for my tastes.

And who could forget?
The original though, not the one with that gay ass brother of his. The whole cast was perfect. I love it when we give inanimate objects human qualities. (Damnit what is the word for that?) Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper needed to tone it down with the coitus though. It was just them, then it was Paprika, and if I'm not mistaken, there's a Cinammon? My sources, please confirm said subject. Thank you. My two favorite episodes are the ones when Tickety-Tock sneezes her face off and when Green Dog knocks over Blue and Magenta's blocks and they have a fight, both freakin hysterical. That show is a wonder man. Up until they scrapped Steve and brought the Abomination aboard. Two thumbs down, Caeser.

(Last night, we had an argument, afterwards I'm feelin pretty bent, hmm) Sorry, listening to Dru Hill again. Don't mind me.

I'm about to go to a place I'm not sure very many of us recall ever being. If you're a member of this club, please don your jackets. If not, please take cover because its about to get hectic.

Do you remember Professor Iris? You do! O...D... I can't believe how old this shit is. They have the whole cast on that link. Remember Miss Principal? What was really hood with her hair? She used to have them two OD pigtails springing out the side of her head like a crack fiend. My mother would have liked to fell out when she first saw her looking like that.
(You are everything, and I would give you anything...) And the Piano was seriously sheltered from the reality of everyday life. That dude was borderline Blast From the Past. I loved Skeleton because he was an idiot. He was too funny, and something was always falling on him.

And I'm quite sure there is no reason I should've liked this show as a kid...But I did...Remember the Monkees? No, I'm not going to disgrace my page with pictures of Brits (unless its The Who) and Zoobile Zoo? Unhealthy attachments to both, seriously. I think every chld in America with serious issues watched either one of or both of those shows. Wow... I truly enjoyed this trip down memory lane with you loverly people. Maybe we should do it again sometime.

Uh...Moni...if you're still alive, would you mind dropping a line in the comments portion of the page please? Thank you...The same goes for Tahsheerah. And Johnell.


Anonymous Moni said...

A nice trip down memory lane..you fogot about Fraggle Rock though What's up!! Check your email man :)

6:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry for bothering you but the way i watch iris the happy professor its because its wonderful not bad

12:45 PM  
Blogger Magda Giordano said...

well since i saw professor iris i think hes cute with his friends they're so wonderful but i never got a chance to see the episodes

10:15 PM  

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