Friday, October 21, 2005

...Ain't Gold (Part Three)

Rich let things run their course, knowing Maxell would be making the next move. He felt like the king of a chessboard, surrounded, with nowhere to go. His pawn had made a foolish mistake and left him wide open and unprotected. Sure, he had other pieces on the board, but they hadn't fucked up. The opponent wouldn't care who. He would want to know why.
This posed a dilemma. He had gained Maxell's trust and it took him a long time to do so. He would be angry. He would be asking questions. In was no secret in Rich's circle that he couldn't stand Max. But Max didn't know that. As far as he knew, Rich kissed the ground he walked on. They were business partner's and friends on the outside, but on the inside, Rich hated him with a raw seething passion.
Killing Prince would have been easy enough, if he had sent Toots or Mookie. Toots was no joke. Her gun game was no joke. "Three point range I shoot better than Kobe," he thought. She could hit a n!%%@ between the eyes from thirty feet away. He'd seen it. Mookie wasn't bad either. Toots taught him everything he knew, even though he and Rich had been friends for far longer. They were both guarunteed killers.
It would be harder now, they would have Prince under wraps. He would be tightly monitored now, until this thing with Maxell could be sorted out. They would pull out all the stops to keep him protected. You'd have to be a member of the CIA to get to him. Rich couldn't afford anymore mistakes. He needed Prince dead and the way it was looking, he would have to do it himself.
Or he could let Shadow do it.
Shadow was the only female he kept on his team besides Toots. Standing at 5'10 even, she reminded him of Catwoman, with her lithe long body. She long long raven black hair, and a matching black eye. She kept her left eye covered with a patch. He didn't know whether she was blind or not, but he thought it made her look incredibly sexy. She rarely spoke and appeared out of the mist when summoned. She disappeared again after a job was done. In all honesty, she scared the living daylight out of him. But he got a raging erection every time she was near him, so he didn't really know what his mind wanted him to think about her.
He lifted the phone from the cradle and dialed her number, knowing she wouldn't answer. The phone stopped ringing after the third.
"If you're there press a button, mama."
"This is Rich. I need a favor. Come down to my office so we can talk."
She hung up before he could say another word.
Rich shook his head. He clicked on the television to the left of his desk and turned his body in that direction. His desk was one of those wraparound get-ups so he put his feet up and relaxed, flipping through channels until he reached 20/20. He always liked that show, no real reason why. Tonight, he began to doze as Barbara Walters began to go on with some useless drivel. She wasn't keeping his attention tonight. He felt a breeze and shivered. He lifted a lazy hand to turn off the TV. When he pulled his feet off the desk, he nearly jumped out of his skin. Shadow was sitting there in one of the guest chairs, waiting.
"Sh*!, girl, you almost gave me a fuckin heart attack." He pulled himself together and turned his chair to her.
Shadow hadn't moved an inch. She looked like a Ladykiller tonight; a black hat pulled down to her eyes, fitting black velvet skirt suit and black heels. Her one eye was covered by a black patch. She looked like she had just been to a funeral.
"I trust you've heard the news by now."
She nodded once.
"Have you seen Maxell?"
Another nod.
"I need you to handle that for me."
She stood to leave. She had heard her orders and now it was time to carry them out. Rich watched her leave, as silent as she had come. When she had shut the door behind her, he let out a sigh. He stood up to shake off the erection that was tenting his suit pants. He didn't know what it was about her, maybe the allure, the mystery, or how she silently commanded his respect. It could have been a combination of all three.

Shadow looked both ways before she crossed the street to her black Mercedes. She had just been handed the heftiest payroll of her career. Maxell would never know what hit him. Prince would disappear quickly and quietly. She started up her car and pulled out of her spot. Cruising down the avenue, she wondered to herself what Rich would do without her. He only called her when he needed done what no one else could do.
And this was most certainly a job no one else could do.

Copyright © 2005 Jacki Simmons
All rights reserved.


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