Tuesday, November 01, 2005

And I Make A Left Where?

Today was undoubtedly a rough day. I was walking around for the majority of the day looking for Leroy Street. It took me at least an hour to figure out whether or not it was even in Manhattan. Everyone I asked was like on some real Slim Thug shit like "I ain't heard a that." The directions I was given were quite clear. They were as follows: take the 2 or the 3 train to Chambers Street. Get off and walk towards Varick. Okay. Fine. Now what I did know was that the 2 train does not take you anywhere near Varick Street. Chambers yes. Varick no.
I get off and begin to walk forward. And I walked. And walked. And walked until I found myself walking past Ground Zero. I was way down there by the Millenuim Hilton. I kept going until I was sure I could feel the mist from the river hitting my face. Then I turned around and asked two immigrants for directions. Wrong move. That was the dumbest thing I could have possibly done. Why I thought I was going to stand there and ask two people who had only seen the Statue of Liberty in pictures for directions in a city I had lived in for my whole life.
They gave me nothing I could actually use. I moved on and found a man in a red suit (Reference: if you ever need to get somewhere downtown look for one of those guys. They are very helpful.) He tells me to go back up to Broadway and then make a left and walk down until I find what? Absolutely nothing. I keep going for a little while and get to a bunch of white guys. They look like they know a lil somethin about downtown. Turns out they don't know anything about Leroy Street. So to define irony there are two UPS trucks sitting right there beside them. The guys tell me to go down to Canal and make a left. Keep going until I get to Hudson. Then keep going and there is Leroy.
I followed those directions. Now I'm walking down Varick Street because that's as far as I got before I thought I was going to be walking down the highway. I found Hudson. I got on it and kept walking. I was there but I couldn't find Leroy. I was nearly on the brink of tears because I had been walking over an hour. Just when I was ready to give up hope there it was. The brown signed Leroy Street was there looming above me. Now I was ready to burst into tears of joy. I got there and aced my interview. Okay, the Eternal Pessimist takes that back. I think I did well. I am proud of the way I presented myself. If I get this, then I'll be jumping for joy.
Let me finish this ice cream and Oreo's and I'll finish the rest...


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