Thursday, October 27, 2005

Jacki This and Jacki That, Jacki Beat you Down With A Baseball Bat...

You ever had someone do something to you purposely because they knew you couldn't do a hot damn thing about it? I'm feeling like that right now. Lord have mercy. I'm in a good mood, but I am only too pissed somewhere under the surface. I'm not going to get into it (if you want to know, hit me up and we'll vent) but it's straight grimey.
Am I the only person who would rather wear purple than be caught dead in a club? I don't do clubs, for more reason than one. Reasons like one, I'm not going anywhere for over a half hour where I'm supposed to be having fun and I can't drink. (I don't hit the big two one for another three agonizing years) Two, I have to be gone to dance with someone I don't know, and since I can't drink, I won't be dancing, and three, I don't do people. I'd be torturing myself in a room full of bodies crammed together, all with a drink in hand. No no no, I'd rather be in a dark movie theater throwing popcorn at the people under us while screaming out the next scenes because we saw this movie three times already.
Being eighteen SUCKS ASS. It is not a major milestone in my life, besides the fact that I can now get a job without the hassle of chasing those damn working papers around. I'm so glad I don't need those anymore. BTW, I've got a job interview on the 31st. Oh happy happy motherf*cking joy joy. I try not to come out of my house on any circumstances on Halloween. They don't play round where I live. It gets hectic. If I get egged once, I will find a nigga, beat his ass and make it look like he fell in the kitchen. Try me. Anyway, it's a restaurant downtown and they need kitchen help. That's right in my field (FYI, I plan to go into Culinary Arts, I'm scheduled to be starting school in January) and it's experience I need. Not to mention a paycheck. If I'm hired (ya'll know I'm the eternal pessimist) it's all going to car payments. I cannot wait until I am behind the wheel. No one will ever be able to find me. Just the way I like it.
(Sidebar:I've lived in New York for the entire duration of my life and there are streets here I am just now finding out about. They're tucked away under other streets. There's a whole little country inside of the Village. SoHo too. As a matter of fact, all those lil places have a bunch of things going on. I had to get lost downtown quite a few times before I knew how to get around. My new school is on Varick Street and yes I did wander around for about a half hour before I found the right building. IMO, I think getting lost can sometimes be a good thing, you never forget how to get back to where you were.)
So I see my mood says amazing. And I did feel amazing. I still do. It's just that I am pissed that homegirl really played me beyond belief, I mean, damn. I could really punch her in the mouth right now. And throw away six months of anger management classes? Let me rethink this. Woosa. And I'm back.


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